Strength for the Journey...

So, I'm in the midst of rebranding, taking new pics, restructuring and making-over my brand and my company. Listen, this is tedious!!! With social media being the new way of l ife, it's a lot deciphering which pics to post, what's the look you're going for, who are you trying to appeal, who is your target audience blah blah blah!!! One would think that I was far enough in the game to know all this. I DO! Believe me and please know this is no way a COMPLAINT!! I'm too blessed for such behavior, but I am venting lol. It's a large task to take on. So I asked God, since I LOVE my career, please give me strength for the journey. Here's what I know for sure, HE heard me!!! He heard me and He cares. Anything GOD births in you, He will see to full term, believe that. He gives us strength through HIS word, HIS love, and HIS care. Our joy and strength rest in HIM. Believing that where he leads, he provides and makes provisions. I FEEL LIKE GOING ON!! Business owners, He never said it would be easy, but He said it would be worth it. If you feel like you're in over your head a bit, stop, breathe, pray, take a time out. What ever you need. Regroup and GET BACK TO WORK!! My honey took me out on a much needed date to my favorite restaurant and to hear some live music, and THAT helped!!! I'm back in the game and I'm ready!!! LETS GET IT!!! You're Strong!!



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